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At the BCOE, students start working on engineering projects well before they finish their degree. Faculty members enlist and pay for student help on numerous research projects. Students may also use the College’s laboratories to launch their own research efforts, for which funding of up to
$500 may be obtained from the Office of the Chancellor. Students also take part in special design contests, often sponsored by government agencies or by professional engineering societies. Undergraduates have been involved in competitions to develop an ethanol-powered vehicle
and to develop technology for recovering materials from a wastewater stream. Many of the student research projects compete and win national awards such as UCR’s NOx-Out team, who placed first in the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development Competition.

Academic Advisors, Faculty Advisors, and Faculty Mentors help students stay on track. Students may enlist the assistance of multiple resources to customize their studies and participate in extracurricular commitments while making timely progress toward their degree.

Enginuity Hall is a themed floor in the Pentland Hills residence hall providing a supportive environment for Science and Engineering majors conducive to their special academic needs.

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