What do engineers do?


Engineers are among the most imaginative and inventive people on the planet. They do more than conceive solutions to everyday problems. They use mathematics, science and technology to create new products and the infrastructure that makes the products commonplace. Not only must these products be functional, they must be as aesthetically pleasing as a sleek iPad and as cost effective and fulfilling as an In-N-Out Burger double-double with cheese.

Engineers have the imagination of Pixar and Disney, the math and science sophistication of Einstein and Edison and the business savvy of Google and Apple. They are as creative as any artist – the Picasso’s of our reality! They see human challenges and invent “never seen before” products as solutions. Their ingenious sustains and transforms every aspect of our quality of life – from the water we drink, air we breathe, food we eat, car we drive to the entertainment we seek. Simply put, engineers make the future happen.

The talents and skills of an engineering professional are not innate. This is the good news! Institutions of higher learning evoke, shape and develop engineering talent. And at the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering … WE ENGINEER EXCELLENCE!

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